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Government has procured over 400,000 insecticide treated mosquito nets for distribution to households in all the districts of North-Western Province in a bid to curb malaria.

North-Western Province permanent secretary Ephraim Mateyo said in an interview Government was determined to ensure malaria was eradicated in the country by 2020.

Mr Mateyo called for accountability from the officers to be charged with the responsibility of distributing the mosquito nets to ensure they reach the intended beneficiaries.

“Government has ordered through the Ministry of Health over 400,000 mosquito nets which will be distributing to all parts of the province. Lack of accountability to me, having come from the police service, is what is more less killing us.

“Government releases 400,000 mosquito nets but when they go out there, people who have been given the job to distribute may be keeping 20 in their house when ideally, the government is trying to eradicate malaria,” he said.

Mr Mateyo warned residents to desist from using the nets for fishing but for the intended purpose.

“I think by next week, these 400,000 mosquito nets will be in Solwezi in readiness for distribution to all the districts,” he said.

Mr Mateyo said Government attaches great importance to the well-being of its people and is investing heavily in the health sector through the construction of district hospitals and health posts.

“We were allocated 74 health posts going by the records I found. Out of these nine are operational, 32 are at construction level and the rest are at slab level,” Mr Mateyo said.

He said the construction of district hospitals in Ikeleng’e and Chavuma districts was progressing well while woks under phase one for construction of Mwinilunga District Hospital have started.


2017-06-22 @15:40:13


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