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The proportion of overweight men in India has doubled over the past decade, according to a latest government health survey which also found that one in five women are now overweight.

According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) whose survey period was between 2015-16, the number of men (adults age 15-49 years) who are overweight or obese was 18.6% while the NFHS-3 data collected in 2005-06 showed 9.3% men were overweight or obese.

According to the NFHS-4, the percentage of men and women who are categorised as overweight or obese have Body Mass Index (BMI) above 25.0 kg/m2.

While 26.3% men were found to be overweight in urban areas, 14.3% men were obese in rural areas of the country.

Similarly, 20.7% women in the country were found to be overweight or obese during NFHS-4 in comparison to 12.6% during the NFHS-3.

Nearly 31.3% women were found to obese in urban areas and 15.0% in rural areas.

According to NFHS-4, women whose BMI was found to be below normal was 22.9% in comparison to 35.5% during the 2005-06 survey. Similarly for men, 20.2% men were found to be below normal in comparison to 34.2% during the last survey.

5.8% women were found to have high blood sugar level during the 2015-16 survey while 2.8% had very high blood sugar level.

For men, 7.9% were found to have high blood sugar levels while 3.8% had very high levels. In NFHS-3, these indicators were not taken.

The NFHS-4 unveiled by the health ministry yesterday was conducted after collecting information from 6 lakh households, 7 lakh women and 1.3 lakh men, and for the first time provides district-level estimates.


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