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My Fellow Supporters,


I was flabbergasted, perplexed and flummoxed to see some section of teeming supporters of ASANTE KOTOKO SC storming their club's training ground to prevent head coach from supervising the day's training on April 6, 2017.

I strongly disagree with the act without fear or favour, because I think that the reason that incited the act should have been dealt with diplomatically. I believe that radicalism is not the appropriate way of pouring out a displeasure, especially when you have not exhausted all avenues.

It is said "there is no need to cry over spilt milk" and that has necessitated and impelled me to write this open letter to my fellow supporters.

My fellow supporters, the old adage says "United we stand, Divided we fall".  As a matter of urgency, all stakeholders of ASANTE KOTOKO SC, especially we the supporters should put our differences away as we battle it out with Ebusua Dwarfs on Sunday, April 9, 2017.

There is no way as a team we can claim victory on Sunday when there is divisions among the various stakeholders, who is supposed to fight for the club's victory? ASANTE KOTOKO SC supporters are well noted for supporting the team irrespective of the happenings and we must exhibit it on Sunday.

I would therefore want to plead with all and sundry to come together and fight toward one direction so that we can triumph over Ebusua Dawrfs.

Our motto "Wo Kum Apem a, Apem b3ba " should not be slacked off our mind but rather impelled and galvanized us to support the club whether rain or shine.

Even though, I disagree with the way our coach position players on the field of play and his substitution but that should not in any day motivates me to turn my back to the team at this crunchy moment.

Let us find a way to win our match against Ebusua Dawrfs, so after the win we can jointly address all displeasures or concerns.  One thing i love about our phobian friends is how they are able to curtail their differences before a match. I think that this time around we should try and imitate them.

Disagreement or conflict is inevitable in any human institution and ours is not aberrant.  So, when it comes, we should not allow ourselves for it to wreck what we have toil for over the years.

It said "Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success". If we do not come together and work together, there is a possibility that we shall be annihilated in our own backyard.

A divided house cannot face an enemy.  Therefore, all of us must work together. If we do not, ASANTE KOTOKO SC as a team will become weak and poor on Sunday. We should all know that diversity is not demonic but something that is divine and delightful. It is the differences in the members of the body that made body life so interesting, enjoyable and fruitful.

But the body is at its best when all parts of the body are working together toward a common goal, each depending on other to cooperate in reaching the desired goal.

As supporters, we should let the love and the progress of the team become our brand ambassador and remain supreme over all other interest. Because we play a pivotal role in the quest of winning a football match.

To end this, I would like to state it irrevocably that as supporters of ASANTE KOTOKO SC, We should not fight ourselves but rather fight for the team on any day.

Kotoko Supporters can work together for the betterment of our royal club.

I wish the team best of luck in our intriguing match against Ebusua Dawrfs.

Best regards!


Sasu Danquah High Priest

(A die hard supporter of Asante Kotoko Sc)

Danquahsasu6@gmail. Com

2017-04-09 @00:00:56

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