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Bad Breaks Can’t Stop You. The Only Thing That Can Stop You Is You. If You Get Knocked Down, Get Back And Go Again.

The above statement galvanized and motivated one of the best  fast growing goalkeepers in Ghana,  Felix Annan to performed astonishingly well  in the president cup match against Hearts of Oak on Monday, July 3,2017, when he was ruled out by mere misconception of supporters of Asante Kotoko Sc.

Football is played under ninety (90) minutes, and is full of uncertainties. The main characters of the game called 'football' are players and much depends on them for any outcome.

Upsurge of football players are seen within ninety (90) minutes of play and at the same time most of them ended their career either through injury or nonperformance.

One football match that can promote or contribute to raising a player and also slack off a player is matches between Asante Kotoko SC and Accra Hearts of Oak FC.

Most players in Ghana have ended their careers in football after they had performed abysmally in the matches involving Asante Kotoko SC and Accra Hearts of Oak.

Matches between the two traditional clubs are characterized by a lot of rituals or spiritualities. Therefore, it is believed that a player must be prepared adequately, physically and spiritually before he could give out his absolute best on the match day.

One player who had seen the negative aspect of the encounters between the two glamorous clubs in Ghana is former Burkina Faso international, Soulama Abdullai.

Felix Annan, a young goalkeeper of Asante Kotoko SC and national asset nearly ended his career in football when he failed to blossom in an independence cup match against Hearts of Oak in Accra.

It is by far his worst game he had ever played in his footballing career. The unpardonable mistakes he committed were outrageously unprecedented, looking at his caliber.

But he has proved to be an epitome of mental toughness. Few players are able to come out of this nightmare and Felix Annan is one of the few ones.

When the news broke out that Felix Annan will be in poles for Asante Kotoko SC on Monday, after the match had been rained off on Sunday and Ernest Sowah too is unfit, most teeming supporters of Asante Kotoko SC were not elated because of what had happened to him recently.

But the bravery young goal keeper and by far the best keeper in Ghana exhibited that he has what it takes to play against Hearts of Oak irrespective of what had happened in the independence cup match.

It is said that 'A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done'. Today, Felix Annan is a cup winner and has proved his critics wrong.

To the surprise of many, he performed brilliantly well. His mental fortitude, agility, reflections, composure, tranquility and inexcitability in poles were extremely overwhelming.

The enterprising and impetus young chap saved the first kick of Vincent Atinga, who is known to be a perfect penalty kicker in the local league.

I hope and pray that the technical handlers of Black Stars will give him the chance to exhibit his God given talent.

Good job done, Felix Annan!!

By Sasu Danquah High Priest

(A die hard Supporter of Asante Kotoko SC)

2017-07-04 @18:19:55

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