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Hope makes you forget all the difficult hours!!!!

It is an undeniable fact that the Greatest Club of Ghana football, Asante Kotoko SC is in a disastrous and a dire form.  And it has brought about anxieties and uneasiness within the circles of its supporters.

 Asante Kotoko SC have gone through a winless streak in seven  (7)  league games and there is an urgent need for the rank  and file of  Asante Kotoko SC fraternity  to come together to taste a win as we face  with Tema Youth Fc on Sunday to close the first half of the league .

As family members of Asante Kotoko SC, we should not give up in supporting the team irrespective of how crappy we have been in recent times.

The twinkle little stars of Tema Youth Fc always prove to be  difficult whenever they battle it out with Asante Kotoko SC and Sunday's game will not be exceptional.

But with determination and fearlessness on the part of the players and fullest and enormous support from the supporters,  I have no apprehension that we cannot overcome the powers or might  of Tema Youth Fc.

It will be a catastrophic mayhem if we fail to triumph over Tema Youth Fc, because it is likely we could drop to the relegation zone.

I have monitored various social media platforms and radio stations.  One thing that has remained constant in the various discussions of the teeming supporters and sympathizers is how the team can salvage a win in Sunday's game.

Without missing out words, for the team to regain its nonpareil or scintillating form, the supporters of the club MUST fill the stadium to the brim and cheer up the players to win.

It is another match day to prove and remain true to our motto as 'Wo Kum Apem a, Apem B3ba'. The blame games must stop so that all of us can come together to find out the cause of our winless streak.

Though, it is difficult to sing, chant and wave flags to motivate the players in this model of time, but we should know that we cannot neglect the players on any day.

This is the time we must exhibit our monumental support for players. Therefore, as a matter of urgency, all stakeholders must work assiduously so that we can claim our victory on Sunday.

Victory is all that we need and we must fight towards it.

On the league log, Tema Youth Fc are on the 12th  position with 16 points but that alone do not give us upper hand over them looking at what happened  between us  and relegation threatened Great Olympics.

We do not have to leave any stone unturned as we battle for our first win in seven (7) matches in the league.

Let us get ready and amalgamate our arsenals to massacre Tema Youth Fc on Sunday.


Story by Sasu Danquah High Priest

(Die Hard Supporter)

2017-05-12 @17:24:28

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