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Dear Lawyer Boafo,

"Leadership Is Not About Titles, Positions, Or Flow Charts. It Is About One Life Influencing Another ". John C. Maxwell.

One controversial excerpt from the inaugural speech of the incumbent President admonished Ghanaians to be citizens but not spectators henceforth!  Likewise, I, holding the pen into a position in which I can say what is right and what could transform our Club for the good of all supporters must be done without fear or favour.

Lawyer, I am overly astonished and flummoxed over your outtrances against one of our heroes of Asante Kotoko SC, Coach Michael Osei. Such a militant attitude against our former Coach Michael Osei, has the power to jeopardize the seemingly unity we are enjoying since the appointment of Dr. Kwame Kyei.

Lawyer, you are on record to have said that Coach Michael Osei do not have the credentials and abilities to manage the technical affairs of Asante Kotoko Sc. Lawyer, I   think this could be the most unfortunate and mischievous avowal to have come from you since you started working for Kotoko unless you are not previewed of what Kutshe Michael Osei achieved under his watch as a task master of Asante Kotoko Sc.

Lawyer, I find it difficult to comprehend what you said about Coach Michael Osei. Because the Michael Osei you seem not to accord him with the necessary respect is the one who took the Kotoko you are  working for, from relegation threatening position to  5th position.  He is the one who won FA cup, President Cup etc. for Kotoko.  He was the assistant coach when New Edubease Fc won their maiden Cup (FA cup).

Lawyer, my interest is not in enumerating his achievement both as a footballer and a coach, but to let you know that your seemingly militant attitude against him has the tendency to halt the progress of our club.

Lawyer, I do not think that you have allowed cataract of political inclination in Kotoko to blind you that is why you are treating one of our heroes this way.

Sir, as an astute Lawyer and a mentor to the young generation and people like me, I least expected these derogatory remarks about Coach Michael from your end. I think that what he did as an Assistant and interim Coach is wealth celebrating than this castigation from you.

Lawyer, note that a divided house cannot face an enemy.  Therefore, all of us must work together.  If we do not, Asante Kotoko SC as a team will become weak and poor. You may not like his personality and his style but that shouldn't allow you to vilify him.

Lawyer, it is said that "A nation that does not honour its heroes will not long endure". If we are to treat our heroes this way, trust me a time will come, no one will be willing to serve Kotoko because of this kind of militancy posture.

Lawyer, know this "those who are drinking from the well must not forget those who dug it". And there is an invincible book of life that faithfully records our vigilance and neglect.

Lawyer, I do not want to believe that you are scrupulously working towards a certain agenda. And you want to crucify him because you enjoying power now. But your hubris and countenance gives credence to it. Somebody like me, my bones will be straining relentlessly under the weight of the ensuing melee, if you do not stop.

Lawyer, it is time you focus on how Kotoko can be transformed and also being able to bring everybody on board, so that we can all achieve a desired goal for Asante Kotoko Sc. Any supporter has a part to play before the club can realize its glorious days.

Glenn Rease said "All of nature; all of history, and all the universe is based on the principle of interdependence and the fact that everyone needs what someone has, and everyone has what someone needs. Only God is totally independent and self -sufficient.  All else and everyone and everyone else is interdependent". With this we should know that no individual can push Kotoko forward but through team work.

Lawyer, your words should rather encourage some of us, the young generation but not to discourage us as Zig Ziglar put it in a right perspective that "You don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great ".

Finally Lawyer, effective leadership is holistic, holistic in that it does not revolve around the psychological -emotional island of one person or a group of persons whose idiosyncratic temperaments singularly dictate to or imposed on the subdued or neutralized generality of a critical mass merely for tactical and strategic purpose of political expedience and elitist marginalization of the ruled.

Best regards!


Sasu Danquah High Priest

(A Die Hard Supporter of Asante Kotoko Sc)

Danquahsasu6@gmail. Com

2017-04-13 @16:35:35


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