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It’s on, it’s off, it’s on, it’s off, it’s… going to be around until the summer.

Antoine Griezmann to Manchester United is the summer’s obvious transfer story. He’s a bright star of European football, Manchester United have all the big bucks, Jose Mourinho likes spending them, Ed Woodward goes weak at the knees for a Galactico, Old Trafford needs more goals, Griezmann is a suspected fan of the club, and Paul Pogba is the Atletico star’s big football-friend.

It would almost be a dereliction of duty for the European football media not to hype it, regardless of how much truth there is in the potential transfer.

Griezmann has tried to talk the idea of a transfer down, explaining how happy he is and that he loves his Madrid sunshine lifestyle. The trouble is it’s increasingly hard to believe footballers, and he usually leaves a little area of doubt.

French newspaper L’Equipe were very good during the Paul Pogba to Manchester United saga. Despite everyone claiming the scoop for themselves, L’Equipe’s reporting stood out, as did their connections to the player.

They’d like to have the same situation should Griezmann move, and they have very good connections to him too. When he’s not answering L’Equipe’s direct questions, Griezmann can often be found taking part in a fan Q&A through the French newspaper or some other column filling activity.

L’Equipe’s weekend magazine edition regularly has features with the footballer and covers his profile, fashion, and general greatness. Griezmann clearly loves it, so the lines of communication are arguably better between him and L’Equipe than anywhere else.

That’s why when they say something related to him, it’s worth a look.

Having already spoken with Griezmann earlier this week, on Thursday L’Equipe run a headline saying he’s tempted to move.

Several clubs are said to be interested… ‘Especially Manchester United’.

Going over the quotes Griezmann gave to them earlier this week about possible tempting destinations, L’Equipe say: ‘He did not forget to mention “the English”, and this precaution is perhaps not insignificant while Manchester United has been looking into his file for several months.

Paul Pogba’s presence at the Red Devils, with whom the ties have been strengthened over the last few months, is an argument to be taken into account. A photo of Old Trafford published on the Twitter account of his younger brother, Theo, at the end of January, was enough to revive the hypothesis of United. The smallest detail is likely to count in the next few weeks.’

L’Equipe also point out: ‘And in the Griezmann camp, the option of a departure would gain more and more weight. He is thinking about it now and a decision should be made by the end of the season.’

Its circumstantial evidence m’lord, but it’s easy to build the case.

The future of Antoine Griezmann remains under question and what happens between now and the end of the season is likely vital. Manchester United are battling for Champions League qualification and given the 26 year old has aspirations of being the best, that’s got to be important.

That said, Atletico Madrid aren’t assured of being in UEFA’s top competition either, so the CL pull could swing either way.


2017-03-23 @21:34:08

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