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The Former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Mampong, Hon Francis Addai Nimoh has relished the moments he spent in Parliament during the two terms he spent as a legislator.

According to him, those moments enriched his scope as a politician as it spurred him on to do more to help in the development of his constituency and the country as a whole.

Speaking to Oheneba Asiedu on Silver FM 98.3 FM's Omanbapa Show last week, the two term MP mentioned the productive periods he spent in Parliament and wished that he was still in the chamber to do what he knows best.

He commended Parliament, adding that as an institution the role it had played had ensured the enactment of good laws and legislation for the citizens of the country.

Mr Nimoh, therefore, thanked the people of Mampong for the opportunity they gave him to serve for the Eight (8) years he was in Parliament and hoped same opportunity will be afforded him in the near future to continue the work he started in the constituency as MP.


Expressing confidence in the NPP, Mr Nimoh said the Nana Addo government had shown indications of fulfilling all the promises it made to the people of Ghana.

The policy interventions the government intends to roll out, the Former Mp noted would ensure a turn- around of the economy.

According to him, the vision of the president was to ensure the youth are provided with jobs while the aged are given something to do to make life a little bearable.

''I am very much convinced that the one district one factory, one million dollars one constituency and the one village one dam policies would spur an economic turn-around when they are fully implemented where everyone in the country would have something to do'', the Former MP calmly stressed.


Answering a question about the truthfulness of politicians, Mr Nimoh said there was the need for politicians to be sincere with the people all the time.

According to him, politicians serve in whatever position they hold in the behest of the people and therefore the need for them to be truthful with the electorate at all times.

''We as politicians owe it to our conscience and to the good people of Ghana to be truthful at all times since our power and positions are always granted to us by the people and not because we are the smartest'', Mr Nimoh posited.

Mr Nimoh, a former flag-bearer hopeful of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), noted his commitment to stay sincere to the people he served and mentioned his determination to continue on that path so as to serve as a good mentor of all students.

''As political actors we are elected to serve and that duty requires that we do so with openness and sincerity to the people who gave us the mandate to serve on their behalf'', the former MP noted.


Speaking earlier about the recent brouhaha that rocked the sale of contaminated fuel by the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company (BOST), Hon Nimoh wished the current MD had stepped aside to allow for proper investigation into the matter.

According to him, having worked and gained so much experience in the field of Energy the best approach to thrashing out such an issue was for the people involved to be made to step aside.

This, he noted would have allowed for unhindered investigation and also helped to save the image of the MD.

The former MP, however, intimated that the view he was expressing was not in any way suggesting that the BOST MD, Mr Alfred Obeng Boateng had conducted himself inappropriately or undertaken any fraudulent activity but was something he as an Energy Expert would have done if it happened to him.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-07-08 @16:56:00

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