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Unemployment is a huge major problem in the Volta region especially for people without any formal education, but it will be a thing of the past under my able leadership as the Volta Regional Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Usually there is so much focus on only party faithful’s with formal education with respect to the consideration for jobs, whilst those with the non-formal or a no form of educational qualification like the artisans, traders, non-skilled and others are totally neglected with respect to same consideration for jobs after our party forms a government.

Since I will be the administrative head of the party in the region if I am elected as the regional secretary, I promise to make sure things are done differently.

In the share of the national cake that comes into the region and for its people, I will make sure all, whether they possess a no educational qualification or a formal or a non-formal educational qualification, will be given equal opportunities.

Below is how I intend to help the grassroots with the non-formal and no educational qualification to also enjoy the fruits of our government in power.

I will classify people with the non-formal and the no educational qualifications into two categories and they are;

  1. People with non-formal/No educational background who still have the chance to acquire formal education.

These are the people who can still go through the Junior High School (JHS) and Senior High School (SHS) or their respective remedial classes for their respective certificates.

Studies show that lots of young men and women want to join the security services, and since the basic requirement currently needed to enter into these services is the SHS Certificate with a minimum of a Pass, I will encourage them to acquire these certificates so that they can easily get these jobs.

Another venue I can help them into after their acquisition of the JHS and SHS certificates is NADMO, NYEP, YEA, YES and also their employment in some of the industries yet to be constructed in the region under the one district, one factory policy of the President Akufo Addo's administration.

  1. People without formal education who don't have the chance to get one due to factors such as age and others.

With this category of people, I will help some secure loans through MASLOC to start or expand their business, I will also help get some under the school feeding programme and will convince others to join the planting for food and jobs policy. Also through the YES and YEA, I will help others acquire skills like rabbit rearing, soap making, gari making, driving, dressmaking and others, and also help train others to become entrepreneurs.

Vote for Supremo as the Regional Secretary and you would have voted for the best welfare of the party and its members in the region.

Let us get someone with the NPP at heart and you can find it in none than Innocent Supremo Tetteh

NPP's Success in the Volta Region is my Priority

In God We Trust

Thank you.

Innocent Supremo Tetteh

Volta Youth for Development (Convenor)

Member, Critical Thinkers International

Contact: +233243266937

2017-05-23 @11:10:37

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