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Innocent Supremo Tetteh, Volta Regional Secretary Aspirant

I write to express my disappointment in the decision by Honourable Members of the assembly as well as the various government appointees within the South Tongu Constituency for their refusal to endorse Mr. Emmanuel Louis Agama; the President's nominee for the position of District Chief Executive ( DCE) of the area.

Reliable intelligence points to underhand dealings and financial "inducements" leading to the rejection.

I find this development very worrying and regrettable especially so and at a time when the development of the district is crucial and require competence and speed to drive the change.

Such unfortunate happenings end up impeding progress and development of the district. The immediate appointment of a DCE is crucial and core to the progress of the district since he will be spearheading activities of the district and any further delay will be detrimental to the course.

I wish to humbly appeal to all concerned to as a matter of urgency endorse him at the next election in the interest of progress and development of the district.

In God We Trust.

Story by Innocent Supremo Tetteh

2017-05-12 @17:10:47

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