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Chief Executive Officer of the Venture Capital Fund, Mr Osman Suleimana 

The Ashanti regional youth directorate of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has urged the president to ensure the Chief Executive Officer of the Venture Capital Fund, which is under the Ministry of Finance was replaced immediately.

According to the group, the current CEO who was appointed by the previous government would stifle the growth of private initiatives which is being championed by the NPP.

In a release copied to the Ghanaian Observer Newspaper, the group mentioned the activities of the CEO, Osman Suleimana was inimical to the flourishing of the start up of small and medium scale enterprises.

Though the fund was meant for all Ghanaians, the group claimed the CEO was favouring persons linked to the former NDC administration.


Mincing no words, the group announced their readiness to embark on several legal and legitimate protestations for the removal of the embattled CEO.

They stressed that instead of quitting or proceeding on voluntary leave, Mr Suleimana is bent on holding on to his position to push the NDC agenda.

According to the group, since the declaration by the president to ensure a whopping one million dollars would be given to local assemblies to enable start ups to grow many are willing to take advantage of the fund.

However, they said the Venture Capital fund which could serve as another push for the nurturing of small and medium scale enterprises does not have a better outlook with the current CEO in charge.


The group recalled the frustration many of their friends who needed start up to begin businesses have had to struggle to get attention.

Most at times, they are turned away while people they know belong to the NDC party were given assistance to access funds.

This discriminatory tactics by the CEO, the group noted was gradually reducing the confidence the Ghanaian youth had in taking advantage of the opportunities of the Venture Capital fund presented.

Private companies, the group noted  who rightly wanted to invest their stakes in the Fund are now losing hope since the very avenue they could use to grow their investments was being handled by a person who they consider is bent on pushing an agenda for persons linked to NDC.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-04-21 @16:21:06

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