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Dr Samuel Sarpong - The immediate past Managing Director of the State Housing Company Limited (SHCL)

The immediate past Managing Director of the State Housing Company Limited (SHCL), Dr Samuel Sarpong has urged former appointees of the Mahama administration to draw up a plan to ensure they contribute to the running of the party offices across the country.

This, he expressed will greatly lift the burden off the shoulders of current office administrators who have had to use their own personal funds to operate the party secretariats.

Speaking to Ghanaian Observer Newspaper after visiting the party’s regional office in Amakom, a suburb of the Kumasi Metropolis, Dr Sarpong bemoaned the lack of support for office staff and party communicators.

According to him, the officers have been struggling to keep the party running, an issue he noted is affecting morale of the administrators including the Youth Organizers and Women’s wing.


Dr Samuel Sarpong, a former Ashanti Regional Minister, has therefore tasked former Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCE’s) to similarly help in the running of the various offices of the NDC across the region.

According to him, regular contribution of funds is the only way officers at these party offices can be kept at their duties.

Many of these officers, Dr Sarpong noted through interactions were facing challenges in running the offices they occupy.

Some, he stressed have had to give out their personal money to aid party people who find themselves in distressing circumstances.


Sounding confident, the former Regional Minister said the NDC had a better chance of recapturing power in 2020 if they work hard while in opposition.

According to him, the party now has the chance to reflect and redirect its steps from where it did not do well in the 2016 elections and bounce back in a better way to recapture political power.

These lessons, coupled with the restructuring efforts by the party’s executives, Dr Sarpong insisted will help the party come out well to contest the 2020 general elections.

He, however, cautioned party members not to antagonize themselves as the party readies itself to conduct its internal polling, ward, constituency, regional and national elections since any bad attitude from them will affect the image of the party in the eyes of the public.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie

2017-08-29 @13:57:06

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