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Michael Asante, an aspiring organiser at Subin and whose items were rejected last night at the constituency office amidst chaos.

Drama unfolded last night when executives of the New Patriotic Party branch (NPP) at Subin in the Ashanti Region rejected office equipment a member had planned to donate to the constituency.

The executives led by the constituency chair, Francis Boamah and in unison complained that Michael Asante, a party member, had not officially notified them about his intention to donate the office items.

According to them, they found the act of the aspiring constituency organizer as undignified and disrespectful.

They noted the proper thing for every party member to do when intending to donate to the NPP was to first inform the constituency chairman and his executives as well as the MP, adding anything aside this can be considered an act of ambush.


Sounding composed despite the refusal of the executives to accept his donation, Mr Michael Asante pleaded for forgiveness and urged that since he is a party man they allow him to do the presentation.

According to him, the decision to visit the office to do the presentation was something he relished having realized that was also the day the executives will be meeting.

He acknowledged the need for prior information but insisted due to the pressing need of the items in the office he decided to present them in time so executives could make use of them before travelling to Cape-Coast for the upcoming conference of the party.

Consisting of a set of computer, a printer, a refrigerator, file cabinet, water dispensers and pack of a4 sheets, Michael Asante indicated his desire to help the constituency office function as a proper one.


Speaking to this reporter after a consensus had been reached for a later presentation of the items, Michael Asante, also known as ‘lawyer’ and a famous businessman in Kumasi indicated his resolve to do all within his power to serve the Subin constituency.

According to him, the NPP party had done so much for some of them and therefore the need to give back to help the party once they identified a lack a the office.

Cheered on by a vociferous group drawn from the ranks of coordinators and polling station executives, Mr Asante disclosed his intention to vie for the post of organizer in the party’s upcoming constituency elections so as to enable him to strategically contribute and mobilize support for the party.

Mr Asante promised to put his resources and strength at the disposal of the party when elected and help to rebrand the party in the constituency.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-08-25 @17:43:59

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