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Mr Edmund Kyei - Aide to the Vice President and Asokwa Constituency First Vice hopeful

A first vice-chair hopeful at the Asokwa constituency of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP), Mr Edmund Kyei has admonished party faithful as well as aspirants to ensure they conduct clean campaign ahead of the upcoming polling station, constituency, regional and national polls.

He believes the NPP needs to show the world they are united in government as well as in its internal party activities and operations.

Addressing delegates at a party meeting in Atonsu, a suburb in the Kumasi Metropolis, Mr Kyei indicated the importance of having a united party despite the contestations for internal executive positions.

This, he noted will be the best form of advertisement by the party to attract undecided and floating voters to its fold.


The first vice-chair hopeful pledged his commitment to conducting a clean campaign devoid of insults and name calling.

According to him, it is best to sell yourself to delegates than to dabble in personal attacks and the throwing of mud on your competitors.

Mr Kyei noted that aspirants should rather project their competencies than using the platforms they are given to churn out falsehoods about their competitors.

‘’We as aspirants should be minded to project only our competencies and capabilities and nothing more’’, the first vice-chair hopeful posited.


Mr Kyei, an aide at the office of the Vice-President promised to use the influence he wields to resource the youth of the party when elected as first vice chair of Asokwa NPP.

According to him, the youth deserved to be supported to put their potentials to use and also to enable them do something for themselves in the future.

‘’The youth is my focus and I plan to do more to enable them have the needed support to apply to anything they intend doing’’, the first vice-chair noted.

The setting up of an endowment fund and the strengthening of the scholarship secretariat at the constituency, Mr Kyei underscored were some of the things he intends doing when elected as first vice.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-08-12 @13:36:53

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