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In our part of this world people who are appointed to occupy high offices feel so powerful and at times look down on those who they are supposed to serve.

This is because the appointees believe the only person they are answerable to is the one who appointed them to occupy the offices they held.

So, it is common to see so much arrogance in most government appointees who sometimes use the power they hold to intimidate people.

Some go to the extreme by inflicting pain on those who oppose them in the line of duty. At times these appointees take over the lands and assets of people just because of the power they wield.

Narrowing this down to our local government system, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives have had their share in this excesses where some go the extend of fomenting trouble in their own party because of a higher position they may be aspiring.

This, was very evident in 2007 during the last days of the President Kufuor administration where some MMDCES instead of focusing  on their core mandate in administering their respective districts wanted to compete with the respective Member of Parliament in the area for popularity.

It became clear that some of these MMDCES wanted to enter Parliament at all cost and therefore needed to do things to spite the MPs who occupied the seat in that particular area.

Many of these MMDCES in their brazen attempt connived to delay the payment of the MPs common fund.

This was done to deny the MPs the room to operate and develop their areas of jurisdiction with the resources due them.

GO, is therefore, happy that during the recent encounter between the President and the MMDCES at the Institute of Local Government Forum all these were discussed.

We, therefore, wish that the proposed amendment by the president to having the MMDCES elected is fast tracked so that the people who eventually are elected work with mindset that their powers belong to the people and not their political heads.

Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-07-08 @18:27:32

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