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Woyome is sick; Supreme Court adjourns oral examination to July 24

The Supreme Court has dismissed an application by businessman, Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome seeking to stop the scheduled oral examination by the Attorney General (AG) in relation to the Ghc51.2 million indebtedness to the state.

Giving the ruling Tuesday morning, the court presided over by a single judge, Mr Justice A.A Benin, was of the view that the application had no basis.

Emmanuel Ebo Hawkson of graphic online reported that, the court said Mr Woyome failed to demonstrate that he will suffer any hardship or irreparable damage as a result of the oral examination.

Again, the court said the fact that Mr Woyome had filed a review of the case does not mean that the oral examination should be halted.

The court therefore said there was no basis for the application that sought to halt the oral examination.

Hawkson reported that, Mr Woyome’s counsel brought a medical report to court that stated that Mr Woyome was sick and that he should be off duty for two weeks.

The state, represented by the Deputy Attorney General (AG) Mr Godfred Dame however argued that Mr Woyome got that medical report on June 30, 2017, a day after he was in the Supreme Court.

Counsel argued the medical report was therefore part of the ploy to dodge the oral examination and that irrespective of whatever, Mr Woyome does, “the day of reckoning would definitely catch up with him, he can’t run any longer.”

The court therefore agreed to adjourn to July 24, 2017 by which time Mr Woyome would have recovered from the sickness.


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