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It is very true that new governments enjoy a large wave of goodwill from the people who voted it into political power.

So, it is not surprising that the people seem to side with new governments in the policies they implement the very moment it wins political power.

In the first few months, it is always a surety to find the populace backing the implementation of programs, projects and policies the new government promised during the previous electioneering period.

Mostly, the idea that catapulted the new government into power is supported the loudest and it is always like a jackpot that the major policy that helped the party to win power is supported to the hilt to succeed.

In Africa, though not a convention, new governments are given some few months in their early days as government to settle into the real art of governance. Many call this period as honeymoon or preparatory holiday for the new government.

This unconventional period, is when the new government is allowed to make appointments of people they intend to make Ministers, State Agents, Heads of Public Institutions as well as Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs).

However, it is often the case in Africa and in particular Ghana that some new governments misinterpret the silence of the people on some of the policies they implement as a sign of the continuous stay of the goodwill they enjoyed during the electioneering period.

We at GO, do not want to jump the gun but would like to say that the Transport Ministry under this government is trying to misinterpret the quietness of the Ghanaian as a sign of approval of the compulsory towing fee levy.

We know, that the LI that brought this levy onto our law books was introduced by the previous National Democratic Congress government but was later at its passage in Parliament abandoned by same since they felt it was unnecessary.

It is puzzling that the Ministry thinks that everyone who buys  a car would one day park it along the highways or road side to call for a towing car due to an accident or fault the car may develop in transit.

We believe that  if the Transport Ministry had consulted, collaborated and sat with stakeholders in the industry to deliberate on the introduction of this compulsory towing fee better results would have been attained rather than leaving the government to suffer public ridicule and embarrassment due to its insistence that fees be charged for vehicle breakdowns.

We, therefore, urge the Transport Ministry and all others who may be thinking of introducing new things to the Ghanaian space to indulge stakeholders and the ordinary people in such moves so as to ensure an effective roll out because systems and new policies work well when the public are informed about its significance and usefulness.

We at GO are very happy that the Ministry have had a change of mind and suspended the roll out of such a policy which would have been a nuisance to many Ghanaians and vehicle owners.

Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-06-20 @16:25:03

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