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When a people in a country feel they cannot get justice to any worrying situation they may be facing, the likely outcome of such discouraging thought would be the resort to self-preservation.

These may include the use of unconventional or deadly methods or measures to gain justice.

Others, who may not be able contain the pain of getting justice would find the use of instant vengeance as an escape route.

No wonder, regrettably though, there has been the rise of mob and instant justice cases in the country.

From the markets, you will find that those caught for stealing items on display are quickly apprehended and dealt with in a mob or class action.

But ideally, the reverse should have been the case in this country having been ruled and governed by proper and established laws.

The usual thing, which should have been the case in this country if the requisite education had gone down with the people would have been for citizens to report crime or criminal acts to the doorsteps of law enforcing agencies and outfits.

Unfortunately, here too, you cannot trust the sincerity of those at these places including the police posts and stations.

With the increasing allegations of police officers taking bribes to side with those accused, many have had to resort to the invocation of curses to demand justice. Others who may have some strong faith in the Almighty God to avenge the injustice they may have suffered rather commit to Him in prayer.

However, we at GO still believe the law courts can still serve as the best avenue for any person to seek justice since there are still good men who are bold and committed to defend the plight of the oppressed and poor in the society.

We, therefore, find it re-assuring that the Chief Justice Nominee, Her Ladyship, Mrs Sophia Akuffo has in her vetting late last week committed to not only giving the populace justice but a speedy one at that.

We urge her to use her sterling qualities and knowledge in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) field to effect the needed change in our justice delivery system so as to engender confidence in the people who daily throng the courts for justice because they say justice delayed is justice

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-06-17 @19:42:19

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