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A social commentator and advocate for the use of made in Ghana goods, Mr. Amankwaa Nathaniel has advised the government to find counselors to counsel the 75 Ghanaians who were deported to Ghana by the American government.

It will be recalled that, seventy-five Ghanaian illegal immigrants in the United States of America have been deported.

They arrived at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) in Accra on Wednesday 14th June, 2017 morning in handcuffs.

They had applied for asylum in the USA but their applications were rejected and were subsequently deported.

Ten other Ghanaians who had also applied for asylum but their applications were not successful are also expected to be deported soon. They are waiting their deportation documentation.

Speaking to the Media he stated, it isn't easy when someone find him or herself in such situations. He stressed; We have witness such situations when deported person's  sometimes go insane, commit suicide, join bad company and being addicted to drugs and alcohol because they think their life has ended, I will appeal to the government to get counselors to counsel them.   

He added that, though decision by the US government is unfortunate but on the other side they are exercising their immigration laws. He therefore appeal to the government to counsel the deportees to release any depression which may harm them and also create more jobs to reduce the rate Ghanaians travel to seek for jobs overseas.

Mr. Amankwaa Nathaniel - Advocate for Ghana Made Goods

2017-06-17 @18:43:39


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