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After four decades of dedicated service to the country and the public service department, Dr Samuel Sarpong, the immediate past Managing Director for the State Housing Company Limited (SHCL) has taken his accumulated leave pending his final retirement which is due in November 2017.

Addressing congregants at the Fourth Garrison Methodist Church in Kumasi last Sunday, Dr Sarpong recounted how God had guided him through the tortuous path of public service.

He recalled the difficult situations he faced while serving as the Ashanti Regional Minister but noted the experience had shaped him up to become a better person.

The lessons and experiences during his long service, he noted had helped him to adapt to all situations and hoped it will do same for him even in his retirement.


Speaking with a tearful eye, Dr Sarpong commended previous heads of states which he served under namely, Mr Jerry John Rawlings, J.A Kufuor and John Dramani Mahama for the opportunity they offered him to serve in during their tenure.

Dr Sarpong, however, praised the current president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for being magnanimous and allowing the likes of him to serve until their retirement was due.

"I was hugely surprised that despite the calls from both NDC faithful and NPP members for me to hauled out of office, the president said I was a nice gentleman and so needed to be given the opportunity to finish my service", Dr Sarpong recounted with tears.

According to him, what the president did was rare in the history of Ghana and hoped that partisan politics is removed from public service.

This, he believed would ensure public workers work seamlessly without being looked on with suspicion.


Admonishing the populace, Dr Sarpong urged the public to speak against all forms of violence.

According to him, crime no matter who perpetrate it should be seen as such, adding all efforts should be taken to address it devoid of politics.

He urged the public to speak against vigilantism since that canker had the potential of eroding the success of the country's democracy.

According to him, the two main political parties,  NDC and NPP  harbour vigilante groups but their overbearing tendencies only come up when their respective parties are in power.

Dr Sarpong asked the population to see successive governments as their own and do their bit to help it succeed so that all can feel part of the country's development.


Dr Sarpong later at the event presented wax prints to widows at the church and promised to ensure their upkeep.

A foundation to be used for their welfare was also inaugurated.

Preaching the Sermon later at the event, Reverend Captain Boahen, Chaplain at 4Garrison Methodist Church urged the congregation to use their individual talents well.

According to him, God reward those who use their talents wisely and would demand accountability from humanity on how they used what he freely gave them.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-06-07 @12:09:06

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