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Africa, one of the most populous continents on the planet is still riddled with poverty, diseases and corruption despite its size and natural resource potentials.

This has been the case and up till now and aside our modest achievements in gaining independence from the Western Nations who earlier colonised us as a people we still depend on aid from same to survive.

Though this is the real and sad commentary about our continent, nonetheless, the African continent is not all gloomy and bleak.

Apart from the progress it has made by embracing democracy as the way of rule for its people, we could also point to the use of education which has helped to empower the people who hitherto lacked the requisite knowledge to confront the challenges it had to deal with.

But, we at GO believe that the real trait that led us to both our freedom as a people from the shackles of colonialism and our economic recovery though a snail pace one was the spirit of patriotism.

The lack of this trait earlier on in the age of the continent resulted in the decision of a brother selling his own tribesmen to the European for peanuts.

We, as a people sold ourselves so cheap to the Western World and they in turn treated us as trash and no wonder even in independence we still find ourselves tied to the apron strings of these Western Nations.

However, we believe strongly, that coupled with the efforts we are making to develop our industries and economies, we also need to imbibe in our people the spirit of patriotism and love for our country since that is the only trait that could bind us together as a people.

We, in Africa, as part of our routine celebration every 25th of May, should endeavor to teach our people how to sacrifice for the good of others in our society, community, country and continent.

We, therefore, join the minister of foreign affairs, Mrs Shirley Ayorkor Botchway to wish ourselves a happy AU day and charge ourselves to be selfless and patriotic in all we do so as to build a vibrant economy and continent for our generation and those yet to be born.

Let us also learn to pass on every good value which our forebears such as Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Nelson Mandela and Emperor Haille Sellassie left behind so as to positively influence our people to be real patriots wherever they found themselves.

Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-05-26 @13:30:13

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