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The advent of persons from the British and other European countries to the shores of Ghana brought a lot of difference in the way the locals did their things including the way they worshipped the Supreme God.

Hitherto to the arrival of these foreign nationals, the Ghanaian used unconventional ways in counting, instructing and teaching their younger ones.

No one can say that the mode the locals used were substandard even though it was not something scripted or according to a carefully crafted textbook.

So, it seemed weird to the locals when after colonizing the country the British started this new way of educating the public by going according to a well-documented syllables.

The syllables comprised early child education, basic and secondary as well as the introduction of higher education later in the years.

It would be recalled that the first British schools that were set up in Ghana after they took over the country were mission schools.

These missionaries were Christians and ministers of the gospel and while setting up these schools across the country also taught the indigenous people how to read and study the bible.

This, undoubtedly influenced the way the locals did their things albeit gradually. The discipline as found in the bible gradually found its way to the hearts and minds of the locals.

It is not surprising that early schools like Adisadel College, Mfantsipim, Accra Academy, Prempeh College and Opoku Ware Schools had strong Christian roots and students who found their way to these schools reproduced same qualities as found in the bible.

Discipline, order and punctuality were the hallmark of these missionary schools and it so disheartening that same cannot be said about same schools today since the government took over the administration of these schools.

We at GO, therefore, believe the decision by the NPP government to give back these senior high schools to their respective missions and churches is a laudable move.

However, our charge to the religious bodies and churches who will be manning these schools as administrators should be that they consciously imbibe the discipline that characterized and made famous the early mission schools.

This, we believe would bring back the good morals and discipline the current school system seem to lack into the educational system and help the country build up strong personalities for positions in public life.

Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-05-24 @17:54:41

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