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Only a fool doesn't change his mind---- the Holy Bible.

Often times people feel apologies are rendered by chicken hearted men and women.

Some even feel people who are weak are the ones who render apology for a fault or mistake.

And in Ghana, our politics have become so dirty that even if a government official or an appointee makes a mistake he is often defended by party people to the hilt.

Not too long ago, a sitting president who infamously goofed by saying that he was not afraid to lose power since a dead goat did not fear the knife rather suffered for his outbursts even though he was  defended by his party assigns.

The defence of this obviously bad statement which came in the face of the extreme difficulties Ghanaians were facing economically infuriated the public into wanting a change of government.

No wonder the NDC party who defended its leader suffered in the 2016 general election where apart from losing the presidency they also became a minority group in parliament.

But in a sharp contrast to this narrative is an unqualified apology which has been rendered by the current minister of finance, Ken Ofori-Atta who believes the removal of some persons suspected to be ghost names on the government payroll was solely the mistake of the finance ministry.

Though he noted that there were ghost names on the payroll, he apologised profusely for depriving innocent workers their legitimate salaries since many had unduly suffered from the slip from the finance ministry.

Just imagine the embarrassment caused to parents or home keepers who were wrongly removed from the government payroll.

So, we at GO believe the finance minister has done the right thing by offering this unqualified apology to those who were wrongly taken off the payroll.

However, we pray that all steps are taken to remedy this situation and ensure it does not happen again.

We also want to commend the affected workers especially teachers who were wrongly removed and join them in their call to have a stakeholders meeting with the ministry of education and finance so that they chart a new path to ensure such error does not happen again.

Kudos to Ken Ofori-Atta because humble and noble people apologise when they go wrong.

Kudos to Ghanaian workers for accepting the finance minister's apology in good faith.

Ghana shall surely work again!                       

Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-05-17 @08:19:42

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