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It is interesting how Ghanaians are veering off the values that made us a great people in the community of nations south of the Sahara.

Men and women from Ghana since the colonial days were held in high esteem by the British government despite the hard tasks they were exposed to during those years.

The British found the Ghanaian a competent and fearless people who spoke their minds based upon their conscience.

No wonder, the British after a brief period of colonizing this country had to grant the long awaited request of a sovereign state.

The struggle for independence was fought by the people in unison and the leaders of this struggle interestingly were drawn from the various cities, towns and backgrounds.

No one used the issue of ethnicity or religious background to question the loyalty of their fellow compatriots who stood up for the fight for independence.

The likes of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, JB Dankwa, Ako Adjei and many others who fought fiercely for the country's independence came from different parts of the country but were united for the purpose they had in mind.

So, it is extremely worrying that the present generation are being divided daily by virtue of their backgrounds.

No more do we talk about one's competence but rather we seek to dig up people who are being considered for appointments to see where their lineage and political ideologies lie.

GO, last week Friday was surprised to hear some senior citizens of this country question the propriety of having a Chief Justice in her lordship Justice Sophia Akuffo despite the latter being overly qualified to occupy such high office.

But, it was refreshing to hear the minority leader, Haruna Iddrisu postulating the sterling qualities of the New CJ nominee and making the firm admission that the lady deserved her appointment pending parliamentary approval.

We, therefore, wish to admonish that we deal with people based on their competence and not lineage, ethnicity or political ideologies since these are only but trivialities that stands to unmake a great nation as Ghana.

We wish the new CJ nominee all the best and we pray that she uses her competence to perfect the path of justice for the Ghanaian people because we are all linked one way or the other by virtue of us being first of all Ghanaians by birth!

Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-05-15 @22:11:17

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