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Kojo Bonsu, former KMA Boss

The conduct of former metropolitan chief executives under the previous NDC government has come up for strong scrutiny as the new Mayor of Kumasi plans to probe their actions.

According to Mr Osei Assibey Antwi, the Kwumasi Metropolitani Assembly has been milked dry by the previous MCE's.

He alleged in the last three months to the election in 2016, a whopping 44 million Ghana cedis was withdrawn from the Assembly's account for questionable projects.

Addressing the Assembly and stakeholders in his first official assignment to outline his plans for Kumasi, Mr Assibey hinted of plans to retrieve and reconcile monies spent on projects by the KMA.


According to the Mayor, from October to December last year the acting Mayor spent a whopping 44 million Ghana cedis on some projects which cannot be located by the Assembly.

He alleged that some of the spending in the last quarter were frivolous and noted his desire to look more into the matter.

An audit committee, the Mayor hinted would soon be set up to ensure the respective Metro Chief Executives appear to give account of their stewardship during their tenure.

This, he said is a way of ensuring transparency and accountability runs through the administration of the KMA.

The Mayor announced the failure of the Assembly to account for the monies spent on the Rattray Park, insisting that the Assembly cannot find how an extra 3.2 million dollars quoted as part of the funds was used.

DENIAL: But reacting on radio, Francis Dodovi, spokesperson for Kojo Bonsu and John Ackon, former Mayor and acting Mayor respectively of the KMA wondered how Mr Assibey came about the figures he was bandying about.

He described the expenditures the new Mayor was quoting as debts the Assembly owed their partners.

According to him, his bosses chanced upon same debt at the Assembly and were seeking to pay those the Assembly owed.

He, however, asked for time to study the sessional address as presented by Mr Assibey to ensure they file an appropriate response.


Mr Osei Assibey has meanwhile expressed his determination to work to ensure the KMA wean itself from the shackles of the mountainous debts.

He called for hard work from the Assembly members and promised to ensure they operated a transparent administration.

According to him, Kumasi lacked many infrastructural developments and promised to lead a total transformation in the metropolis.

He pledged to ensure issues on security, SANITATION, education and the general welfare of residents were given a priority by the Assembly.

Story by Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-05-13 @16:49:23

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