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It is often said that the person who controls what enters your stomach also controls your actions.

This adage, no matter how weird it is can be said to be true since many who become dependent on others for their livelihoods often times pan to the whims and caprice of their benefactors.

Surprisingly, this same adage is playing out in the community of nations across the world where the well to do nations which are often classified as first class economies use their financial muscles to dictate to the less fortunate and under-developed nations.

Sometimes, these powerful western nations subject their third world counterparts to inhuman treatment and at times force their cultures on the under-developed and dependent nations.

A case in point was the insistence of the United States of America that the Kenyan government accepts the subculture of gay and lesbian acts as part of its culture.

Though the latter was bold to reject the offer even when they needed the financial injection the US had promised, same however, cannot be said about very poor countries.

It is with this background that the paper is in full support of the proposal by the president of the Republic that Ghana grows from an aid driven economy to a total independent one whose activities and actions cannot be controlled by a western nation because of the crumbs they feed this economy with.

GO can confidently say that the previous government was bullied into taking the famous three Gitmo returnees just because of the aid we sorely needed from the American government.

Our fear, which is firmly grounded is that the continuance of government to seek aid from western nations might one day force us to accept the substandard cultures some of these developed nations are portraying.

GO believes that if the country was really determined it can collect the needed revenue from its own people and use that to develop every facet of the economy.

This, undoubtedly, would wean us off from accepting the peanuts these western nations provide us to shore up our budgetary demands.

A GHANA without aid is therefore possible if we extend our support to this government in its plans.

Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-05-12 @16:56:17

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