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The Member of Parliament for Subin, Hon Eugene Boakye Antwi has pledged his commitment to using the influence his wields as Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry to secure jobs for his constituents.

According to him, that is the least he can do to show appreciation to the people who ensured the NPP recorded an overwhelming victory in both the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2016.

In an interview with the Ghanaian Observer Newspaper after touring his constituency to thank members of the public, Hon Antwi expressed the desire to get decent jobs for the unemployed in the Subin constituency.

This, he stressed will help lift the burden on members of the constituency who for lack of jobs struggle daily to put food on their tables.


Hon Boakye-Antwi was upbeat that projects and programs which are being rolled out by the NPP government will inure to the benefit of the populace including inhabitants of the Subin constituency.

Some of these projects, including the one constituency one million dollars he mentioned will go long way to provide avenues for jobs when implemented.

These jobs, he noted when created will only go to augment many initiatives he has planned for the youth in the area.

He mentioned efforts by his outfit to help residents get access to micro-credit to set up or expand the business of their choice.


Currently, the MP disclosed the installation of some lighting systems within the constituency, adding that many of the streets and roads in Subin are difficult to walk by at night.

The MP, earlier in the year had provided ten tubes of lamps to light the routes and precincts of the Asafo Market arena. He has promised to provide solar lamps to other areas in the constituency.

Being a grassroots man, Hon Antwi promised to address every challenge in the constituency so as to allow residents to feel comfortable since they gave the NPP the highest number and percentage of votes except in 1951.

He promised to continue his open door policy approach, as everyone in the constituency is welcome to contact him for a response to a challenge or for deliberative purposes.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-08-08 @17:16:08

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