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Dr Gideon Boako - Technical Economic Advisor at the office of the Vice-president

The Technical Economic Advisor at the Office of the Vice-President, Dr Gideon Boako has urged the Auditor General to work with a clear conscience as he seeks to surcharge persons who have wrongfully applied State's money in the execution of government projects or contracts.

According to him, the State can only recover stolen funds when it has a determined officer as Auditor General.

Mr Boako, therefore, urged Mr Daniel Domelovo, the current auditor General to brace up for the challenges that may come as he seeks to unravel the loot by former government officials and State actors.

Speaking on News file, a current affairs program on Joy FM, Mr Boako commended the attempt so far by the Auditor General, insisting the measure to surcharge corrupt officials is the right way to go.


Mr Boako cautioned against the leaking out of the eleven (11) names mentioned recently at a press conference by the Auditor General.

This, he noted will bring all sorts of pleadings and maneouverings from those connected to get their cases dropped.

According to him, by the country's cultural settings people will seek to send emmisaries to plead on their case once they hear their names have been mentioned publicly.

He noted that this makes prosecuting corrupt officials difficult since everyone in the country seems to be connected with one high profile personality or another.


However, the Technical Economic Advisor intimated the determination of the NPP government to ensure all those found to have embezzled money are made to pay.

He revealed that previously government officials had acted in ways contrary to financial prudence knowing very well they could sneak through with any loot they may acquire.

Narrating an incident in parliament, Mr Boako said some persons who were brought before the public accounts committee displayed apathetic behaviour in answering questions about some questionable deals they had engaged in.

He, therefore, praised the laboured attempt by Occupy Ghana to get the Supreme Court to compel the Auditor General to surcharge all persons involved in corrupt acts and expressed  the hope that the needed deterrence will be served out of it.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-08-07 @20:33:46

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