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It is getting scary the kinds of techniques robbers and criminals are devising lately.

The brazen nature of the crime as well as the manner in which these robbers perpetrate these crimes is another source of worry to the populace.

It was unheard of previously for robbers to attack people in broad daylight but same cannot be said today.

Apart from the weird weapons they formerly used to inflict pain on unsuspecting victims, they have now gone the full hog by using sophisticated equipment including guns specially reserved for the use by security services to conduct their activities.

So, it is not surprising that walking on the streets has become a huge risk to take as nobody knows who is devilishly watching from behind to attack.

And now, to think of staying out late in the evening or night is as scary as asking for hell to break loose on you.

Perhaps the recent broad day attack on two police officers who were on patrol of the street at Lapaz is what brought the awakening on the populace that crime was getting close to their doors.

The attack by these two gun wielding robbers, obviously brought home the discussion as to how our policemen are trained to combat crime in this 21st century.

In the attack as captured by an amateur lens, one could see that one of the police officers trying to clock his gun to fend off the imminent attack on him but unfortunately, try as he did the assault rifle refused to work.

We at GO, therefore would want to know the preparedness of the police to combating crime in the face of this sophistication.

We would also seek to know the kind of support the Ministry of Interior was offering in this direction knowing very well that the Police apart from them being understaffed are also facing logistical challenges.

We, therefore, urge the government to take a closer look at this increasing rate of 

Armed robbery and effect ways of combating same because we believe citizens could only enjoy the good policies of government if they feel safe going about their legitimate functions and business.

Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-07-18 @17:55:02

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