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Many leaders have gained praise and commendation from the public from the way they handled matters when they occupied public office.

Similarly, others have had to endure a lot flak and criticisms from an action or activity they undertook without recourse to proper discretion.

In the world of politics, some leaders have lost power or have had their mandates cut short for an act of indiscretion they displayed while in office.

Recently, a former President of Brazil, Lula Da Silva was convicted of corruption and had been billed to do a term in prison.

This decision by the Supreme Court of the Land was taken without recourse to earlier good deeds the former president may have carried out when he was the head of state of the country.

So, in sum, one could erase the respect and dignity he or she has by just an act of indiscretion and no matter the defense one pushes it will be difficult for the people to trust the genuineness of it.

It is with background that we at GO found the explanation offered by Alhaji Inusah Fuseini, Member of Parliament for Tamale Central difficult to understand owing to the placing of a secret recorder at the office he previously occupied.

We are at a loss as to why a public officer would go out of his way to bug his own office knowing very well that is not his personal residence.

Furthermore, the claim that the secret recorder was not activated at the time his benefactors sought to place it behind the coat of arms of the country is something mindboggling seeing that these sophisticated equipment could be activated by the designers no matter their location.

However, knowing who the MP for Tamale Central is we will hasten to pass judgment on his action of indiscretion and only hope that the claims that the recorder did not work will be ascertained by the National Security operatives who have taken possession of the device and were working on them.

Our hope is that when investigations are commenced on the issue by the Office of the National Security, Hon Inusash Fuseini, as posited by him recently  would subject himself to the team so as to help them find the pieces to all there is to know about the bugging of the office he once operated from.

Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-07-14 @14:17:17

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