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An Associate Pastor at the Calvary Charismatic Center (CCC), Pastor Samuel Aduamah has encouraged the youth of Ghana to use the talents they have productively.

According to him, the prime time of life is when one is youthful and therefore the need for every youth to spend those periods wisely.

In an interview with the Ghanaian Observer Newspaper in Kumasi, Pastor Aduamah stressed the importance of using one's skill and talent to achieve productive ends.

According to the youthful Pastor, rather than using one's strength and skill in the undertaking of unproductive ventures such as smoking, promiscuity and crime one could turn same to finding his or her purpose in life by studying and getting to know about God.

 He urged the youth not to be overcome by the challenges they face in life since every challenge was surmountable when one is focused in what they want to do in future.


Stressing further, Pastor Aduamah noted the huge potentials that lies in every human being, adding that those who realize this fact early in life are bound to excel in their chosen fields.

According to him, in the human mind and heart is imbedded many talents and skill which are God-given, adding many of these potentials unfortunately are untapped by most of the youth.

Pastor Sammy, as the Minister of the Gospel is fondly referred to by CCC congregants noted that these human potentials can be used by the youth to achieve great results if they are tapped on time.

Using himself as an example, the CCC Pastor said he has been doing only 30percent of what his actual capabilities could accomplish.


Giving an insight about what he wants to do, the Minister of the Gospel indicated his readiness to stretch himself to doing more for the Lord.

He also hinted of plans to do more youth engagement forums which he confessed is a field he could largely explore to encourage the upcoming generation.

According to him, the youth need help so as to enable them to discover the potentials they have in themselves.

Pastor Sammy, therefore, believes the Church can help if they engaged more with the youth to addressing the challenges they face as they grow up in life.

This, he opined could help halt the increasing rate of suicides and evil vices among the youth in the country.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-07-14 @13:49:56


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