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About a week ago, the Ministry of Education unveiled young actor, Abraham Attah, as the ambassador for the free SHS project the government plans on rolling out.

At the launch, the Minister for Education said the decision to select Abraham Attah for the project is because he is a role model to his peers and that will encourage young people to buy into the idea of the project.

The selection of Abraham Attah and subsequent explanation by the Minister of Education has not gone down well with some sections of the Ghanaian populace.

The National Union of Ghanaian Students (NUGS) has released a statement condemning the appointment and have threatened a demonstration if the decision is not reversed.

It is the believe of Showbiz that the debate over whether Abraham Attah is a worthy ambassador of the free SHS project or not is misplaced.

After all, he is a Ghanaian who started his education here and schooling outside the country does not make one less a Ghanaian.

As Ghanaians, we have to focus on how we are to make this project a success rather than who is chosen as the ambassador. The truth is that there are currently thousands of Ghanaian children who are unable to continue their education because of lack of funds and this project will go a long way to help upon execution.

The appointment of Abraham Attah notwithstanding, the fact remains that the young actor is currently the most high profile actor Ghana has. Since starring in Beast of No Nations movie, he has featured in a number of Hollywood movies.

At this early stage in his career, Abraham Attah has demonstrated his ability to mobilized support for the humanitarian projects in the country with the donation of 10,000 pair of shoes to deprived children.

It is too early to say if Abraham Attah will succeed in his new role or not. The important thing is that we give him a chance and assist him to succeed in this endeavor.


2017-07-04 @20:18:36 

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