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Samuel Darko, CEO OF Kumawood

The Chief Executive Officer for Kumawood movie productions, Samuel Darko says the movie industry will now wean itself from the perennial challenge of piracy.

This, he noted was because the industry was now aligned to the new system which has been introduced by MTN and M-Tech communications to help movie producers load their films on a special application software.

According to him, this application would ensure producers get direct benefits from their films as MTN customers watch these movies via their handsets.

Speaking to the media ahead of the public launch of the Kumawood movie app, Mr Darko, popularly known as Samdackus maintained the importance of this relationship of movie productions with MTN and M-Tech communications.


Stressing further, the Kumawood CEO said movie producers unlike formerly will now have their investments recouped in time to support their business.

He noted that people who dabbled in the act of pirating the movies of producers would now be cut off since every movie will be uploaded on the MTN app to ensure quick returns.

According to him, MTN customers and subscribers would only need 1 Ghana cedis worth of airtime to watch many films as they please on their handsets wherever they are.

He, therefore, commended MTN and M-Tech communications for coming to the aid of producers in a bid to salvage the movie industry which is dying due to the efforts of pirates.


Noel Kojo Gamson, General Manager, Consumer Marketing Department, MTN-Ghana

On his part, Noel Kojo Gamson, General Manager, Consumer Marketing Department, MTN-Ghana underscored the importance of helping movie productions to have access to an app that can leverage their investments.

According to him, the world was now at a digital stage and it was important that all forms of businesses are given the opportunity to recoup the investments they make through a viable alternative.

The MTN- Kumawood app, he explained was intended to help movie producers get access to a huge market base where customers can with few cedis get to enjoy films of their choice on their mobile  phones.

The mobile company, he stressed was determined to help movie producers of have access to the funds they spend in producing films and also cut of the works of pirates which was gradually collapsing the movie industry.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-05-11 @18:03:56

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