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Mr Ken Ofori-Atta the Finance Minister

Last Thursday, the Minister of Finance, Mr Ken Ofori-Atta stormed parliament to fulfil the constitutional mandate imposed on him to present the fiscal policy of government for the year 2017.

This statement, is aimed at explaining the programs, plans and policies of the ruling government so as to help parliament and the public gauge the direction the new government wants to move in terms of ensuring economic growth and development.

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Mrs Adwoa Baah Obeng, Branches and Network Services Manager-MTN Northern Business District

Scores of market women who thronged 'Doctor Mensah', a popular marketing arena in the Kumasi Metropolis have expressed happiness about the decision by MTN-Ghana to help them open a simple bank account on their handsets.

Christened the 'yello save service', the traders believe the service will enable them to save the monies they earn daily at the market without thinking about getting it to the bank where they normally join long queues.

Speaking to the Ghanaian Observer Newspaper, Madam Yaa Sarpomaa, a plantain seller noted the idea was a laudable one by the telecom giants.

According to her, they have had to battle with some thieves who have made the 'Doctor Mensah' area a haven for their criminal acts as they terrorize women for money on them after sales.


Afia Akyeampomaah, a tomato seller at the arena could not hide her joy of having the opportunity to save her money on her mobile phone which would also earn her a 12percent interest.

According to her, it is the best security one can have as trader or seller at such a large market arena where all sort of people crowd up to do business.

With many losing their money to thieves and careless attitudes, Madam Akyeampomaah believed such scenarios would now be avoided since their money would be sitting on their phones without having any fear of losing them.

She noted with a smile that they can withdraw cash from their mobile money accounts without going through any hassle or difficulty since that would be done with a click of a button on their phones.


Speaking to the paper later after the launch, Mrs Adwoa Baah Obeng, Branch Network Services Manager for MTN-Northern Business District stressed the commitment of the company to help traders become part of the cashless system the company was aiming at.

According to her, having your money on your account was the safest way of saving and doing business in such a fast changing world.

She maintained large volumes of trade as well as simple transactions could be done without carrying huge amounts on one's body, an issue she stressed aided the activities of thieves and robbers.

Mrs Obeng rallied the public, especially traders across the Ashanti Region to embrace the yello save service which could be accessed by just depositing Five (5) Ghana cedis on one's mobile money account and following through the steps on their handsets to become an account holder.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-02-22 @20:38:06


Northern Business District Manager of MTN-GHANA, James Bukari Basintale

The Northern Business District Manager of MTN, James Bukari Basintale has appealed to the public to donate voluntarily on Valentine day, suggesting such a gesture will portray the love they have for those who are in need of blood.


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