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The evil men do surely lives after them----unknown author.

It was a jawbreaking experience listening to the energy minister speak at the national policy summit in Accra last Tuesday about the rot happening at the nation's power distributing company.

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), according to the energy minister loses 21 percent of power it generated every month.

It also at the end of the month fails to collect 50 percent of the monies owed them by customers countrywide.

The company, the minister noted with pain have had its officials conniving and colluding with some unpatriotic citizens to rip the country off as they use power without paying.

Shockingly further, the ECG has for some years refused to retrieve monies owed them by multinational institutions across the country and at times they turn a deaf ear to calls from these companies to collect the debt they owe.

Aside illegal connections and the refusal to collect monies owed them, the minister dropped that the ECG operates monthly from a 2billion Ghana cedis deficit.

The Company, Mr Boakye Agyarko said have had to issue letters of credit to some state and private banks to get money to buy crude so as to ensure the running of the company as well as the constant distribution of power to its consumers and customers.

But, soon after this exposure by the minister the paper learnt with utter shock the unconscionable attitude of some of the staff who rather by keeping quiet are livid that the minister had exposed them to public ridicule.

As at the time of going to press, series of secret meetings were said to have been arranged by some ECG staff to ostensibly teach the minister a lesson for opening his mouth wide.

Not only is this attitude being displayed by some of the staff of ECG worrying but a show of classical and unpatriotic tendencies.

No wonder the previous government was bent on privatizing the company to ensure they reaped optimum results.

The Minister, if the allegations he levelled are true rather should be supported to stem the worrying tide and purge the power company of these irresponsible officers who are aiding this naked rip off of the country.

We at GO, will provide the needed information to the ministry of energy when issues of illegal connections and collusion comes to our notice because we will be better off having a stable power situation if all monies owed the ECG is retrieved for them as we also endeavor to pay our individual tariff and bills.

We finally urge the minister to be firm and act decisive to halt the mess at the nation's power distributor so as to help the populace enjoy uninterrupted and stable power at all times.

Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-05-20 @15:51:09

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