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The CEO’s Network Limited, in collaboration with Deloitte, an international audit firm, has opened nominations for the 2016 CEO Awards. The Chief Executive Officer of the Network, Mr Ernest Egyir, said the awards was, among other things, meant to recognise CEOs who have excelled in providing “demonstrated leadership that has been critical to the success of their organisations.

“It is also to help promote excellence among CEOs and C-Level executives; Encourage CEOs to be innovative and to maximise their personal success; as well as promote high professional standards among peers”.

Briefing the Daily Graphic about the procedures and criteria for the nomination and selection of the award, he said the general requirement for nomination of the potential CEOs was for the nominee to be heading a limited liability company or a limited liability partnership or be an industry regulator.

“A nominee must provide the following details: Nominee's Full Name: Nominee's last Job Title; Company/Institution Name; Registered office, City and Region; and Industry sub-sector,” he said, adding that “Nominees would be contacted by our awards team to provide detailed information”.

Judging process

Mr Egyir said judging and selection of winners would be done by a special committee of distinguished and celebrated men and women in the country. “Judging will be done in a meeting to be held in April.

“The judging committee will agree on the criteria to be used in evaluating finalists. Among others the selection criteria will include: Courage; Leadership; Vision; Demonstrable impact on company, industry and business in general; Degree of difficulty; Sustained performance; Employee engagement, leadership development and internal people processes; External benchmarks: Customer value and shareholder value created; Innovativeness; Moral dimension, personal character; and CEO gravitas, respect/beacon of excellence/reputation”, he said.

Award categories

Mr Egyir said there would be seven award categories, namely; Life-time Honorary Award; CEO of the Year; Female CEO of the Year; Best Performing Stock CEO Award; Young CEO of the Year; Expatriate CEO of the Year and the CEO Team of the Year.

Industry categories

For the industry categories, he said, they would include; Manufacturing CEO of the Year, Telecoms, Media and Transport; Technology CEO of the year; Media CEO of the Year; Telecommunication CEO of the Year. The Banking & Finance category will be Bank CEO of the Year; Non-Bank CEO of the year and Insurance CEO of the Year.

For the energy sector, these will include Mining CEO of the Year; Renewable Energy CEO of the Year; Upstream CEO of the Year; Downstream Oil & Gas CEO of the Year; Hospitality CEO of the Year; and the Retail CEO of the Year

Mr Egyir said there would be those for the housing and real estate sector, health and aviation.

He said also to be awarded would be the Life-time CEO Honorary  Award; CEO of the year; Female CEO of the year; Young CEO of the year; and Best Performing Stock CEO of the year; Industry CEO of the year

Nomination process

“In less than 650 words nominees will be required to summarise their most important accomplishments in the past 12 months, and how they may relate to any previous performance or industry norms”, he said, adding that these would include any notable projects or initiatives to demonstrate excellence in the area” Mr Egyir said.


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