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There was considerable calm at various branches of the UT and First Capital Banks in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti Region.

Workers and staff of the two banks, during a visit by the Ghanaian Observer Newspaper to the Adum branches were seen chatting among themselves.

Others who seemed to have been taken unawares by the decision could be seen inquiring from their colleagues as to the fate of the Bank following the take-over by the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB).

This follows the revocation of the banks licenses by the Bank of Ghana (BOG) due to the distress UT and First Capital banks currently finds their finances.


Some customers who had gotten wind of the news of their banks had been overtaken by the GCB were seen around the precincts of the banks in Adum.

Most were seen inquiring from banking officials the state of their investment and what fate awaits their funds which are locked up with them.

Though this reporter could not readily attribute the facial expression of these customers as to persons who were panicking, one could however see traces of anxiety in their mood and the way they spoke with banking officials.


Some customers, who spoke on anonymity to this reporter, insisted they had earlier fears but had overcome them by the information they have had from banking officials.

According to them, though they had the information on radio about the take-over of the banks, they, however had to visit to ascertain things for themselves.

They expressed joy that their funds would not suffer same fate as customers of DKM did last year and called on their fellow customers to exercise restraint in taking out their investments since they have received enough assurances of the safe keeping of their funds.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi

2017-08-16 @21:05:41

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