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Mr Steven Asare, Data and Channel Manager, Northern Business District of MTN

Mr Steven Asare, Data and Channel Manager, Northern Business District of MTN says mobile money (MOMO) agents of the company stand to lose the chips they are using for their businesses if they act irresponsibly.

Some of its agents, according to him have not been abiding by the standard procedures the company commits them to and thereby naively aiding fraudsters to dupe innocent people and customers who are on MOMO.

Speaking to the media after addressing a stakeholder engagement forum for its agents in Kumasi yesterday, Mr Asare disclosed that some agents have not been demanding the voter identity cards of persons wanting to withdraw money from their wallets.

This, he intimated is contrary to instructions agents are given before they are allowed to commence Mobile Money business in the country.

Other agents, he mentioned have been over-charging customers for procedures that are meant to be free, indicating the company is monitoring to sanction all those involved.


Giving out more information, Mr Asare revealed fraudsters were thriving on the ignorance of some its agents to carry out their criminal activities.

Some fraudsters, he noted can visit three agents and withdraw money without being asked to produce their ID cards.

The Company, he stated is now bent on taking back its chips from agents who are found to have aided the work or fraudsters and criminals.

Some of the company’s agents, the Channel Manager mentioned have been made to pay for the money some customers lost through the activities of fraudsters since they were held liable after investigations.


According to Data Officer, MTN is committed to engaging with its agents nationwide to review the operations of MOMO so as to make the platform the obvious choice for receiving and sending money across the regions of the country.

He intimated the resolve of the company to also adhere to all demands the Bank of Ghana is placing on it to make the platform conform to international standards.

Mr Asare mentioned numerous introductions on the mobile money platform which includes Qwickloan, a facility that allows one to borrow money whenever one needed same and repay with a 6.9% interest.

This facility, he stressed is to aid businessmen and customers to have access to funds as high as GHC 100.00 when one found himself in distress.

Story by Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi 

2017-08-12 @13:01:04

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